QOCA® e-health Self-Wellness Management Suite


The All-In-One touch monitor provides a total care service solution for the home. The plug-n-play console connects to a BP monitor, a thermometer, an intraoral scope, and a teeth scope via USB interface. User data and measurements are recorded, monitored and tracked easily.


QOCA® e-health USB Blood Pressure Monitor


This device is designed for medical applications in hospitals, tele-care and homes. The USB Blood Pressure Monitor archives seamlessly and provides early warning alerts while tracking your cardiovascular status.


QOCA® e-health USB Ear Thermometer


This simplistic thermometer is designed for the entire family. The USB Ear Thermometer seamlessly records and monitors the user's temperature for health tracking purposes. The precise and fast reading helps the user to take preemptive measures and consult with physicians.


QOCA® e-health USB Teeth Scope


The teeth scope is designed for family members or professional dentists to perform oral scopic exams. It allows users and practitioners to have a clear view of the oral cavity and assists in the assessment of overall oral health.


QOCA® e-health USB Intraoral Scope


The intraoral scope is an intuitive device that provides easy inspection of the oral cavity with high resolution and magnified images. The design also minimizes the risk of infection through physical contact.


QOCA® e-health Wearable ECG


  • Compact Design

       - With a compact design, Wearable ECG can be worn comfortably for extended hours.

  • Easy to Put On

       - Start using within minutes

  • Dry Electrode

       - Provides extreme comfort for users and awards extended usage

  • Connectivity

       - Connects to smart phones via bluetooth for data sharing and storage


QOCA® e-health Pulse Oximeter


Pulse Oximeter is a finger type wearable device that continuously measures blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate in a reliable, fast and non-invasive manner


QOCA® e-health Smart Pillow


QOCA® e-health Smart Pillow tracks your sleep and automatically generates a report on your sleep quality in the morning. The built-in microphones and sensors track your snoring and head position. When snoring is detected, the pillow will gently move your head position to improve your sleeping quality without intrusion. 


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