Enjoy Aging in Place

QOCA® home is a cloud-based solution designed to enable remote home care services primarily for the elderly, which would in turn empower the individuals to be better connected with care providers and families to enjoy aging in place and to reduce the risks and costs of long-term conditions. As the backbone of the solution, QOCA® home Cloud encapsulates Quanta Computer’s unique QMULUS® private cloud infrastructure and application service modules to support scalable operation of remote home care services. A comprehensive management and service monitoring tool for the service operators is accessible through a web browser.

Care Management Staff


  • Web-based management dashboard for care plan

       - Personalized care plan for end user

       - Care records management

       - Video calls

       - Screen sharing and annotation

  • An iPad app enables must-have features for mobile care management

       - Health data monitoring

       - Receiving notification messages




  • Continuous care service for personal health management

       - Health data measurement

       - Medication management

       - Remote video consultation

  • Keep your data safe and secure in QOCA® cloud

       - User identification with password and NFC token

       - Data access management and authorization




  • Real-time communication and connectivity

       - High quality video and audio calls

       - Multi-user conference call

       - Video call recording and playback

  • Private social community

       - Sharing photos and texts


Service Solution


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