A small marsupial in Australia is famous for its perpetual smile; it is called quokka, the happiest animal in the world. Inspired by quokka, we name our connected health solutions QOCA® (Quanta Omni Cloud Care) to remind everyone of the importance of living a happy and healthy life.  The logo is a modification of an ancient symbol called the Seed of Life.  With seven circles arranged in a symmetric harmony, it symbolizes creation of life and fertility.



Our goal is to bring happier experiences to the world of those needing better care. An outcome of lots of engineering efforts by Quanta Computer, QOCA® is an integrated solution of smart technologies aiming at making people's healthcare experiences more user friendly, immediate, intuitive, and satisfactory with peace of mind.


Enabling Smart Healthcare Services

The QOCA® series is built upon QMULUS® - Quanta's cloud architectural solution - to deliver performances expected of a scalable, real-time video communications system. QMULUS® is optimized for an environment where client devices interfacing with the QOCA® products, including smartphones, tablets, web clients, wearable devices, etc. can interact in the most natural way. QMULUS® is the result of years of collaboration between Quanta's engineering teams and scientists of MIT CSAIL.


About Quanta Computer

Quanta Computer, a Global Fortune 500 company located in Taiwan, is the world's major ODM (original design manufacturing) company of IT and electronics products. With three decades of successful stories in the high-tech markets, it is dedicated to providing professional design and manufacturing services to top-notched brands worldwide. The QOCA® series leverages Quanta's core competences in building highly reliable cloud computing architectures and consumer devices. Quanta is a certified company of ISO 13485 quality system. The QOCA® series has been receiving approvals of medical device registration in different regions.


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