λ·vue is a commercial software, based on methods and algorithms originally developed by researchers at MIT CSAIL and Quanta Research Institute. Taking a standard video as an input, this technology examines the pixels frame-by-frame, identifies the color or motion changes for each pixel, and amplifies only the desired changes for a specific frequency range.For details about the algorithm, please visit the λ·vue website.


Jaybo is designed as a event-based platform. Users can look for activities, events, and programs what they are interested in, then subscribe it as a channel. No need to create a new account, and never miss the latest update of your subscribed channels. Try Jaybo platform now !


Pi SOLO gives you a totally new perspective on your life. It is an amazing, immersive lifestyle camera that is for fun selfies, panoramas, creative AR Planet, and more! Through Pi SOLO, you have an exciting new way to share the world like it is seen through your eyes. You can also add unique and special effects to all of your images. Check it out at www.pi-solo.com


QC³ (Quanta Cloud-based Collaborative Communication) provides a total solution to collaborative communication based on cloud technology and allows users to attend online meetings from their smartphones, tablets and PCs anytime, anywhere.  For details, please download DM