QOCA atm

QOCA atm provides a total solution to collaborative communication based on cloud technology and allows users to attend online meetings from their smartphones, tablets and PCs anytime,anywhere.


  • Video Conference

       - Multi-way high quality video streaming

       - Full screen and splite screen

       - Panorama viewer support

       - Instant messaging

       - Live voting

       - Personal notebook

       - Remote camera control

       - Meeting moderator to lead discussion


  • Content Sharing and Collaboration

       - Real-time content sharing

       - Real-time document navigation and annotation

       - Multiple file formats supported

       - Object-oriented interactive whiteboard

       - Share screen from your desktop or any program


  • Content Management

       - Meeting scheduling and notifications

       - Video recording and playback

       - Operation tracking

       - Document management

       - Access contro


  • Scalable, Secure and Robust

       - High scalability

       - Smart resource virtualization and management

       - Secured environment : AAA, encrypted transmission and private network supported

       - Extensibility : legacy SIP devices

       - Support RESTful API


  • Host Controls

       - Request to talk

       - Screen force sync

       - Meeting recording

       - Host control



  • Installation Free and Cross Platform

       - Browsers supporting webRTC required

       - iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, macOS

       - Plug-in free



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