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Streamline Patient Care Procedure

QOCA acc is designed to reduce hospital workload and simplify the management process. It consists of a Bedside Care System and Smart Whiteboard. The Bedside Care System is comprised of mobile care devices, nurse station and bedside terminals. For the nurse, it provides mobile nursing records and group broadcasts so as to reduce nurse workload. It can also arrange bed assignments and schedule shifts, and deploy the hospital’s existing system (e.g. meal order app) to simplify the management process. For the patient, an emergency button, personalized reminders and entertainment programs are provided in the bedside terminal to improve patient-doctor relationship and facilitate a patient-centric environment. In order to avoid the trouble of repeating copying and writing, the Smart Whiteboard assists nurses to facilitate bed assignments and shift schedules in real-time and eventually helps to meet the requirements of hospital accreditation.

QOCA® smart patient terminal


QOCA® spt is a cloud-based solution designed for hospitals to create a “patient-centric” environment and assist medical staff in providing comprehensive personalized care to each patient. Video


  • Personalized Bedside Patient Terminal
    - Synchronized information of bed, patient and nurse-in-charge
    - Personalized reminder and educational materials
    - Hospital announcement bulletin board
    - Personalized entertainment: TV, radio, games, video call, social network, etc.
  • Communication
    - Nurse call and IV call to dedicated nurse
    - Broadcast from nurse station or mobile care device via text-to-speech or push-to-talk
    - Broadcast physician rounds or emergencies
  • Administration 
    - Cloud-based management 
    - Data exchange with HIS/PACS
    - Integrating current systems of shift scheduling, bed assignment and patient admission/discharge process
    - Mobile nursing record of patient list, vital sign, etc.
    - Remote data retrieval for bedside consultation

QOCA® smart bedside card


QOCA® sbc improves the normal bedside card, and provides real-time care information (e.g., shift arrangement, attending physician, care reminder), service call and patient information. Thus, it not only helps nurses reduce the care workload, but also empowers the hospital to provide professional and reliable service with limited budget.


  • Budget Tablet
    - Inpatient information
    - Care reminder
    - Service call
  • Care Information
    - Inpatient information
    - Status notation
    - Care reminder
  • Communication with Patient
    - Medical staff information
    - IV call
    - Custom service call

QOCA® smart whiteboard


QOCA® swb assists the nursing staff in real-time management of bedside duty shifts and nursing shifts, eliminating the cumbersome tasks of repeated copying and writing, and will easily meet the requirements of hospital accreditation.


  • Nurse Centric Information Dashboard
    - Bed information
    - Schedule
    - Event notification
  • Patient Status
    - Status annotation
    - Major diagnosis
    - Medical record
  • Patient Schedule
    - Surgery/Operation
    - Exam/Check
    - Admission/Discharge
  • Concise Dashboard Report
    - Assignments
    - Upcoming events
    - Notification (nurse call, IV call)


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