QOCA atm

QOCA atm provides a total solution to collaborative communication based on cloud technology and allows users to attend online meetings from their smartphones, tablets and PCs anytime,anywhere. The medical services between hospitals and the rural areas are better shared and efficiently utilized thru QOCA atm. Medical resources are better distributed and leveraged with enhanced connectivity as well as secured access. Doctors can cross reference and provide better assessment with enhanced AI and telecommunication tools, which are built into the QOCA atm solution platform. 5G network integration not only provides quick and smooth connectivity, but also alleviates the pain in setting up complicated networking, which are normally lacking in rural areas.


  • Video Conference

       - Multi-way high quality video streaming

       - Full screen and splite screen

       - Panorama viewer support

       - Instant messaging

       - Live voting

       - Personal notebook

       - Remote camera control

       - Meeting moderator to lead discussion


  • Content Sharing and Collaboration

       - Real-time content sharing

       - Real-time document navigation and annotation

       - Multiple file formats supported

       - Object-oriented interactive whiteboard

       - Share screen from your desktop or any program


  • Content Management

       - Meeting scheduling and notifications

       - Video recording and playback

       - Operation tracking

       - Document management

       - Access contro


  • Scalable, Secure and Robust

       - High scalability

       - Smart resource virtualization and management

       - Secured environment : AAA, encrypted transmission and private network supported

       - Extensibility : legacy SIP devices

       - Support RESTful API


  • Host Controls

       - Request to talk

       - Screen force sync

       - Meeting recording

       - Host control



  • Installation Free and Cross Platform

       - Browsers supporting webRTC required

       - iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, macOS

       - Plug-in free



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